Snake Eyes

the paper is strewn about the floor, kicked aside, from the rabid excitement to rip open our presents.
I know what I've got,  and I know what you've got.
and it's now just down to work,
Race Race Race
and I know that somehow,
I think I got it in me,
I really want to stand on that top box.

Town Hall Cross:
More awesomeness from promoters & crew.   Hard it was, all done up rightly nice.  parking, toilets, officiating, great job on crushing me, with a longer uphill, no switch backs, and the drop and pea stones, Nice!

I clipped in fine, and us old folks got off to battle, Me and Paul Wahner squared off again.
I punched him in the abs, he slapped my ear.
I bit his thumb,
and he kicked my ass.
Wahner 2nd
dlowe 3rd.

Rick was nimble and smart, He left us all in the dust,  Douglas Gray, Kevin, all of us to our infighting,
and again got the best view, from atop the biggest box.

maybe I'll make up spoke cards for the waterice ride it's "Snake Eyes"  11 next year.

                                        photo: m.c. delicious  Derek Green

Cheerio, dlowe

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