the flag, snaps in the wind.

punk rock its dead, from the beginning,
and Single Speed Cyclocross, it got cancer and died quick.
Cross, its healthy, wise, strong.
Even if I race 3 others, down the tow path, around pretzel park, up the 100's steps, down the cobbles, and with a bike throw take the sprint at Grape St.  cross will always live.
Its a nitch.
and only a few can stand the real pain.
Some frat boys might want to make it a green beer, and show me your tits type of thing.
but cross, it won't make many any money.
I love it.
more than I love a crit, or a mountain bike race.
I love punk.
I ride a single speed Cyclocross bike.
but my true love.
and why it shall always endure.
Is cyclocross.

photo by the mysterious: Anthony Skorochod

photo credit to Mr. Kevin Dillard.

my best regards,  dlowe!

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Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah D LOWE!

D Lowe
D Love