Grand Granogue

Driving on creek road early yesterday,  the mist and fog still was sitting in the low spots.
My race time was earlier than the MAC start,  9am.
I arrived a little after 7am,  and got out for a pre-ride.
I've raced a number of times at the private Dupont estate, Granogue.
This time was one of the more special ones.
maybe something about being smaller, not part of any series, just a crossrace, on, by far the best place piece of land, to race cross on.
Being a racer, sometimes I forget, how much work, labors of love, goes into putting a race on.
I kitted up and took a ride, and came around the back of the tower, and the landscape, the sun, fog,
and I came around to the front side and learned the off camber corners.
Every cross course over the years is different, and each one is the best.
Yesterdays was another best course.
I had the center spot on the front row, and took the hole shot.
I've been working again on the hole shot.
I sat 3rd, riding hard, I felt great
I tried to hold onto 5th, but it slipped between my fingers, and I finished 8th.

I ripped my derailleur off before the race, and had to have a friend re-pin my number, to the correct side, just before I was headed to stage.

after my racing I sat in the sun,  with a honeycrisp apple, a beer, with a couple of friends, watching the racing.
It all was grand.

          some cx racers on the podium.

Cheers, dlowe.

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