Red tape

I rode up the left side of the course right along the red tape, in the grass, I found it a bit faster.
Passing the start finish line it turns into a small amount of pavement.  I felt really strong.
7th was just right into the grass of me, and I put my head down.
I was moving forward.  Maybe even coming back towards 5th.
but the rider did not notice me, jumping also left up onto the pavement.
The red tape spun around my front brake hood, seizing the lever, and  the wheel stopped, and I went hard to the ground.

  the Death Grips - "Fuck Me Out

I was on the ground and the bike, behind me.
Both of us, cocked.
The bike was fine, I got on and raced on.
Sitting maybe, 12th.
I really felt good, and was moving forward.
upto 10th.
Downed tape went into my cassette.  I had no choice but to ride over it.
and I seized up.
tried to run, then had to just stop and stoop over the wheel and ripped it back and forth out.
I still felt good.  Strong.
and went at it.  fighting on.
Town Hall Cyclocross.

David Lynch
curious I went to see the show at the PA academy of fine arts.
His stuff was good.

I race Saturday,  and I really hope that I go well. 

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