the kinks - The Time Tomorrow-

(one of the few picture I took, "hotel room composition#3"

Charm City always is a good weekend.   Baltimore its a run down town, crushed by corporate anarchist,
gobbled up everything,  and just pulled out and left, her pregnant and barefoot a taste for liquor, and hard drugs.

the streets rattled my car, and tubulars,  my cooler full of drinks.
I get lost and roads are dug up and people always seem to be out on the street.
talking to me at the stop lights.

day one I rode wrong in every way, and the dude who I could care less about,  just kept yelling "fuck whatever" at me,   So I gave him just more reason to.

I had dinner with two team mates at Johnny Rads.

Sunday was not hard,  I just rode, and pedaled and climbed and through the 4 sand pits and raced.
30th.  Glorious.

There is no better city for cyclocross than Baltimore, and no better race to race than Charm City.
maybe i'm just in a post race low blood sugar way of thought, but,
really,  what's any better.

thanks for putting it on C3 folks,
sincerely, david.

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