Lila Rose, grip helper.

I love light.   I like the quality of shadows.
I am not really keen on people,  I like kids.
Vince my friend asked a bit ago if I'd take some pictures of his daughter Lila Rose.
to say the least, I was a bit intimidated, and underexperienced.
"yep"  I said, I would.

Kids seem to be more adult than me, more knowing of what's going on.  Despite the dickens and devil running in their blood.

At work,  you never want to see kids or animals on the call sheet as talent.  
Hard, frustrations lie ahead.

Lila Rose charmed me.  and was smart about the lens.  Looking, holding for the second or two that  I needed to grasp the photo.

I was worried that it would take multiple visits even to get one semi-ok shot.
Its not like me to toot my own horn, but I am so happy how  I got a bunch of good stuff.

And as a grip,  I'm proud that is was all without electric.
No lights. Needed. 

Vincent and his wonderful, daughter.

I do miss riding the Spring Classic, maybe next week.

Cheers, dlowe.

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