I keep getting on the single speed cyclocross bicycle.
Its cold out, and I just ride around my neighborhood.  Up and down the hills.
and head home after a bit.  An hour and a half.

My mood is high.  Very good.  
We lost power for a night.  Heated the house with the fireplace.
I read by the light of a battery powered LED,  I have for work.
If we had a small put put to run a bit of electric,  I think we'd been fine for a long while.

I guess this cold, snow, bad riding roads, it don't have me down.
I look at the blue calm sky.  
I pedal along,  bundled up.
and I've found that the cheap ski gloves I bought at a discount store are far better at keeping my fingers warm, than any real sports glove I've spent my money on.

there is a small decayed staircase hidden on the right.  I've found these bridges to be attractive, photogenic,  but have not found the angle to shoot from.  or time of day, or what day of the year.  

The snow its all covering a suckling incitement.  What do you think?   10 days to some nicer weather?
To be stupid pedaling along, nodded off back in, suckling along.

cheers, d.

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