Water Ice 10

       photo: Brian Biggs

I don't know how many years, or how many we've actually done.  I do know, that its the  F'n good attituded riders, loving cx, pedaling around, on some of the most beautiful, and historic trails, that makes this a super fun cool philadelphia tradition.

and it don't take much to get it to roll out, along,  With Anne Rock at the helm we went on our way.
A few f-bombs, 2 flats, 4 lost folks in the Schuykill Jungle  (they eventually rolled in for ice)
lots of smiles, I rang my bell a lot, and tried to chat and say a hello to each rider, as I went from the tail to the head, just once in awhile nudging the ride along.

      photo: Brian Biggs

This is not a gravel grinder,  to me they don't exist.  A Cyclocross bike is made for adventure, not gravel, it needs the dirt, bush whacking, tarmac, little pebbles, rocks, stumps, trash, trespassing.

Two other fine folk stepped up along the way, my team mate Jason Eicholtz, and the fine master foe, who I will be soon, going to battle against, Kevin Sinclair.    You don't notice, it is easy not to see, but them a leading and a sweeping and a bit of prompting, makes it roll, the ride, keeps it fine and dandy.

                                    photo Anne Rock team Deluxx

The finish line at the Ice hut was long, I did a bit of poaching, bent the rules a bit, I felt just a hair guilty, having Anne in the front of the line snag me an Ice.  Cutting the line ain't cool.
Ha!  I couldn't help myself, sorry, .... I do love the Orange Vanilla Swirl.

Cheers,  thanks for making my day!   dlowe  

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