I've been going hard, the last three weeks,
thinking about the cross season,
Now's the time for me to take a break, chill, soft pedal, tourist rides shit.
I got out today and did that.

sometime in the last year a mural went up,  on the front of the carpet shop on Parkside Ave

The carpet shops on the edge of a not so great neighborhood, and the park, tough spot to sell rugs I'd guess.   I saw the fresh colors, and pedaled over.

you know as I get older, and some of the loved ones in my life, are gone, my perspective is bent, formed, different, than when I was 25, with a wide open future.

Loss is amazingly painful,  and it comes to us all.

I know I  want to honor, to never forget, ....I want it to be also alive with me.
To Laugh loud, attack hard at the wrong time, to have the perfect season and stand on the podium time and time again.   Just to be alive and do battle,....and it all be with me, part of me.

Shit, there is stuff all over Philadelphia, stones plaques, fountains, tall statues... of people, events battles,  I'll never feel or know.  Forgotten.

Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna pedal out to see the battle ground, where the Marquis de Lafayette
helped save our ass.  It's and easy ride, drop down the hill, into the wiss.  up forbidden drive to the end, left on the rd, right at the end, pop out on church lane.  There it is, at the church, the spot.

                                                 the young frenchie,   Yo Layfayette, thank you!

shit I am enjoying my vacation, Cheers!  dlowe

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