51st Street Madonna

at the end of my intervals set; sprinting, soft pedal, and a run block.
I easy pedaled down to the man sitting on the stump,
He'd yell not loud, but enough for me to hear, "pick it up"
or "gettie up" or something like that.
each time I got to his end of my interval.

 It was a there and back sets, from the 51st Street Madonna to the Black Cowboy Clubhouse.

"how old are you?" he asked, "54",  I said, thinking my real age not my cross age. 
"looks like fun",  
"it is, I race a bunch of old guys, we try to poke each others eyes out, stab you in the back,...
we laugh about it after racing,  drink some beer,...

"you run with small steps" he said
"yep," I said, "like Tim Johnson,"  "trying"
He said, "work on you arm swing, drive it, don't have a lazy arm"
how old are you I asked him, "56" he said,
"thanks for the cheers, I heard ya each lap" "I'll work on my lazy arm"


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