It used to be all over my rented room, apartments, homes, that these were abundant.
It the whole of my heart, and most of the time on my mind or blasting into my ears.
I got out of it.
Put the studio in a pile and sold the lot.   It all!

my good friend, my old traveling racing mate got married,  
It was all to quick.
I loved it all, and it always warms my heart so, watching a  friend about to get married.
Looking out and across,  to see his love,  waiting to see his love walk his way.
I wish I couuld of had them both to my own for days, to catch up,
laugh, ride, listen to records.
To pick up Logan the dog, and hug him really strong. 
 This is Pongo.  My mountain bike.  We've been having fun together,  I'm a bit anxious to enter a race, but I feel it coming on me.   today   I got up early today to race my road bike.   36 lap crit,  and a couple of team mates got up the road in the brake, and we got an early bell to sprint.   I was sitting in a Cat Bird Seat,  till I ran over a metal pipe 1" sticking up outta the road at 34mph.   My rear tire went flat in an instant.  I thought nothing of it, only to slow and come to a stop in the gutter.   I found the hole and discovered the piece of pipe, flipped up.  I pulled it outta the hole and left it on the curb.
 I hoisted the road bike cx style, and felt,.... not lucky, odd.  and walked back to the start line.
I thank cross for the even keel-ness handling, and mountain for the non-panic.

I have not played a guitar in years, a decade or so.  this by far is the nicest i've had, and I'm in love. I just sit holding it in my lap not playing it, watching tv.   So much I love.

a toast to Chad and Cate,
a wonderful journey of love to you two.
Love David.

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