I feel so guilty for selling a bike I love.  Like I should be the one paying someone to take it from me, for all the joy, blood, sweat, pain and companionship it brought me.   I want my steeds to move on.    I do regret many of bikes I've sold.  Like the Schwinn Homegrown.   I've sat on this bike, stopped, a leg up on a downed tree next to the trail.   and looked out across the valley.  and listen to the wind, felt light snow, wish I'd brought another bottle, cause I sure was fucking hot and thirsty.

I have all the bikes I need.   and If I get anything out of this, its not the cash, nope, that just goes towards bits for cx,  its that when you ride my old bike,  you buy a bike,  it holds you up to a standard,  honor, a privilege.

ride on Raleigh

my sadness,

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