a lot of riding this week
despite work, and despite working a night in the middle of the week

I've been thinking about  "champion"
and most of the people I like, do what they love,  if by themselves or not.
they are Champions, of a cause.
or addiction, or intense love.
Those champs, they lead by being themselves despite what flaws and quirks they are made of.

with cross coming up,  I think, "what is my top weakness"?
1. Technique
2. Training
3. Tactics

So I've been riding harder, and resting harder.
doing The sprint workouts, I've been tactic-king better.

I need to run more.
I need to be able to gauge my blow-up point better,  how hard can I go, before its to late,  know and recognize my limits.
and harness my eagerness.

my new stoudts church key.  found it on the road, warming up, kicking shit, for the morning sprints.

a real green path I found on my ride today.  short and sweet.  some local beauty.

cheers champs,


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