how something so mundane and normal becomes special

Britta is over there on the far side of the stage playing bass guitar.  The band is Dean Wareham.
The music under this moniker is excellent, a good mix of stellar talent, and a laid back pursuit.
Britta would make it over to my side of the stage to play the keyboards right there infront of me.  The instrument placed facing the wall.
and She'd turn, pick up the rhythm shaker with the right hand, left hand on the keys, and twist to sing into the mic. 
Her short cut crisp blouse would pull untucked from the low rise black pants.  and above the copper pant button, a bit of skin came out, and a tiny peak of her belly button.  I found that pretty sexy.
I don't think anyone else could see it,  I tried not to give off what I was looking at, be rude.
that's one thing I try to appreciate on a ride,  those little tiny plain, everyday magic moments.

The War On Drugs -  "Eyes to the Wind"

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