The last couple of years this time of year I ended up out of town working.   I missed the woods changing, growing in.   Not that I ride the mountain bike much.  I'd leave, the woods dead, no green.  I'd come back, and out on the bike and the woods would be grown in green and dense.   The trails have a different feel, tunnels, curtains of green brush,  and I'd ride on the line.  

Past Tuesday, out on the drives ride, I'm a bit out of shape, but feel pretty smart about riding.  It made me feel good, when I got home and logged into strava, and saw that I got a KOM.   The first lap, from the Art Museum to the Falls Bridge, 4 miles @ 7:56.  30.4 mph average.   #1 of 710 riders.

today I took out my single speed mountain bike, and rolled over to the Wissahickon.  Its been a long time since doing a lap.  It kicked my ass.  That one lap pretty much crushed me.  You can't hide in the woods, you gotta ride, strong and fast.   23.6 miles in 2:31:57,  unspectacular.

I don't have work tomorrow,  so I'll ride, not sure which bike it'll be.  Or where I'll go. 
I just know that I want to ride.  Go somewhere.


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