sipping coffee, looking at photos,  feeling it, Racing.
I'm in no shape to go hard.

The grounds still snow covered.  Ice hats for the spring blooms,  just waiting to poke their heads up into the sun.

I am close to fighting weight.

I'm going through Carlos Cabalu's photos from cx.

Relaxing, I'll pull out the Single Speed Cyclocross bike most likely today, to ride.
Good for the potholes,  and salt crusty roads.
and getting crushed in a crit, gasping wondering if I will be able to close that small gap up to the last wheel in the pack,  or if I get popped.   is not that important, right now.

I'm fit. ... and it's not time to be in fighting shape.  Not yet.

                                       photo:  Carlos Cabalu  check out his works  @

gym work today, and riding.

I look forward to returning to Freddies bar in Louisville, and been reading up Pete Dexter a lot.

cheers, dlowe.

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