Forbidden Drive was frozen, slush, pellets of Ice.  I pedaled as hard as I could, sometimes moving only a bit, sometimes picking up some speed.  I was into the chasing to win,  and I was 20 seconds down.     I flew off my bike and into the air a couple of times, down into the crusty pellets sliding to a wet halt.  I'd get back on and try to make it to just down by 20 seconds.

All I could hope for was a mechanical, bad luck on the leader, and I couldn't.
I cross the line, with disappointment.   Shook hands.   I wanted to be changed by the time 3rd place rolled across the line.  I drank a beer.  Cleaned my face with snow after I was changed.

I wanted 2nd to look good.

Stage III Philadelphia Spring Classic.

Cheers, dlowe.