au gratin

I am a man of habits.
Simple, I like 'em.     I like crits, the same lap around and around.
On Mondays its half price growler fill.
Which is good.  Then added movies night too.  then, add, cheap greasy Pizza.

I am a loyalist.   Married now since 1986.  I don't know how, sometimes.

I've become more not resistant to change but more appreciant on not changing.
Even the weather,  I'm used to winter, now.

I want to stay with it, that mood, grasp it and make it hang on longer.

I'm plowing through books.   the last one, Pete Dexter's, excellent.

thee next?

William Bartram

I often go to the Philly art museum.  and I go back to see my favorites.

the same guard stands at the entrance, and I'm getting to know him, he's more friendly than some of the others.  I nod, and walk into the room and right to the one I like most and stand in front of it.  Its a large painting.  Just stare at it.

 "like a fire that consumes all before it"

I get my fill and say goodbye to the guard,  and go visit the Duchamp's.

and if I could hold on to it, just a bit longer


been thinking,  If a few people want some portraits of themselves taken, drop me a line, I'll do it, for free.

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