Make it hard


Got out for a good ride.   Lots of tough features, challenges, climbs.  Rocks, Roots, Ruts.
Anne Rock set it up, and off we went,.... up Nature Boy,  a fine Philly climb, down into Wiss.
Cross the river,  a bit of road, and to the "natural style" trails of Gladwyne.

These trails have nice rustic unrefined feelings.  Old school hiking feel to 'em.   You have to pedal hard to carry momentum over big roots, careful on the off cambers, pick a good line though the rocks,creeks to ride, lips to pop up over.   Tough features, all ride-able, hard and challenging. 
 Nationals was my last CX race, and it was a fine course, very hard in places, challenging to the confidence, but all ride-able.   According to my opinion, that's what makes cross, taking what you are given, and often we are given the left-overs, shunned away parks, urban wastelands,  cow fields, and that, that is the land we race.   Stonewalls to hop, dumb long beer can trails, around the lips of ponds, F'n keep awake and don't fall in.  

Today, was a fine day, as a cross racer it was made up of all  the right components, friendship, laughs, and at times skills/physically challenging.

Make it hard,
thanks!  dlowe

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