I enjoy pinning on my number, sitting in the back of my car.   Its just a random number, I always try to read something into it.  Today after a couple of good races, I played it wrong, went to early, and miss it, late, so just flounder trying to make up by chasing it down and got nowhere.   The sprint was ok, but should of taken my own line instead of trying to follow a wheel of the best sprinter through, for a placing in the field.  12th today.

I stopped wearing a heart rate strap around my chest,  it feels good to not be bound.   I don't have a coach, or a training plan,  just working on my weakness, getting good rest,....  and sorta gave up the gu's and stuff before races, just regular food, I've found that eating an apple does me better.

I want to come back into cross with the mind set I left off with last year.  To race hard, as hard as I can, and be smart.  Leave it out there.   I race myself, not out to beat anyone.   I want to win every race.    I want to get off the line quick.  Corner like a pick-pocket, tight.  To stand and crush the pedals,  pouring every ounce of strength, into it, and keep it going.

I did not race the crit today like a 357.

cheers bros, and sis's,   its coming....

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