Landing places

Centennial Grounds is used for parking at the Mann, picnics, hidden campsite homes, dog walkers, a football team practices over by the site of the sighting of the Madonna.  The hand of the Statue of Liberty sat on the edge of Centennial Lake.  And its a good place, though flat, to get some hot laps and cx work in. 

Maybe its one of things I love about cross the most, these sorta forgotten places, that are green, beautiful personality of places.   These green and brown spots that I ride, if there were rules, and overseen, regulated and nice,  I'd guess most likely I'd be kicked out.   and I like that.
It was steaming, and hot, and I did cx work.  and I liked it.    Damn it!  Love it, the people, courses, muck, heat, beer, cold, bitterness cold.  and there are always those three pine steps to dream about standing on!

Cheers  training mates!  dlowe

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