Erica, the relator, showing me the space 1500 Federal St.

It was a nice size, but...  it had not much of a fa├žade, it had a roll down security gate, and a plexi glass roughed in wall for a front.  No door.  No electricity, and no heat.  A toilet in the corner.
I still liked the space.     

I think, if I could get it by the week,  I could shoot there, during the day,  when I did not have work.

Got checked up by the Doctor yesterday,  all went well,  I asked her about getting back on the bike..
"what you can tolerate"
"Can I run?"
"what you feel you can tolerate, yes"  she said.
I thought about racing, Granogue,  Beacon, racing CX,...what I can tolerate?  I wanted to ask her.
but I think the answer she gave, she knew was the best.

Life and the decisions I have to make during it, it'd be easy just to dump them off on someone else,
I'd follow the rules, and all would be good.
but what it comes down to for me, is,  it is what I believe is right,....  or what I want to ignore...
I live the risk, if I cheat, or push too hard, and not stand up for what I think is right, that's, me,  that is what I am.

I want to look at myself good, strong like,....

                                            a good old dark pulp,  into the pile, of done reads.

best regards,  david.

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